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NEW Covenants - Request for Comments

In February 2020, the PPHOA Board assembled a team of residents to review the Plantation Place Restrictive Covenants and the Declaration of Additional Covenants documents.
The purpose and scope was: 
- Keep all if not most of our existing bylaws
- Modernizing (i.e. email communication, etc)
- Add, change and delete existing bylaws as appropriate
Task Team Members are Leslie Caylor , Meg Shelton , Ryan Hicks, Lloyd Tate , Clint Brady
The original Plantation Place Restrictive Covenants dated 1982 are set to expire 12/30/2022.
So as to continue and uphold our desirable subdivision and home values, we are moving the original restrictive covenants into the Declaration of Additional Covenants dated 1996 and are providing updates to the original verbiage.
Summary of proposed changes to Paragraph 14 of the Declaration of Additional Covenants is as follows:
- including 1982 Protective Covenants as section 14.1
- adding new Leasing restrictions as section 14.2
- modifying original verbiage of sections 14-a-b as 14.3-a-b
- modifying original section 15 with additional verbiage
Please take the time to review each of these proposed changes and provide your feedback.  The Task Force Team will review your comments as input for the final document.
The final document will be become part of the ongoing PP Covenants and each resident will Consent their property by way of signature and Recorded Deed to the updated Covenants. 
The BLACK text is the 1982 original covenants and the RED text is the updated version including a new covenant for your review and comments.
(each item will open in a new window)
Item 14.1.a) Residential Usage  (modified)
Item 14.1.b) Non Commercial Purpose (modified)
Item 14.1.c) Design Conformity 
Item 14.1.d) Setbacks
Item 14.1.e) Subdivision of Lots
Item 14.1.f) Temporary Housing
Item 14.1.g) Animals
Item 14.1.i) Building Materials
Item 14.1.j) Fences (modified)
Item 14.1.k) Parking (modified)
Item 14.1.l) Owners Responsibility (modified)
Item 14.1.n) Durability
Item 14.2) Leasing (new)
Item 14.3) Common Area