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Finalized Covenants - Please review and sign Consent Form

September 22, 2021
Dear Plantation Place Owner:
Your Board of Directors (“Board”) of Plantation Place Homeowners Association, Inc. is proposing three amendments to the Declaration of Additional Covenants for Plantation Place (“Declaration”). Specifically, they are: (1) amend and restate our current use restrictions contained in Paragraph 14 (work in progress since 2020); (2) to add Association liability language to the end of Paragraph 15; (3) add a Transfer Fee when a home sells to a new owner in Paragraph 10.
Paragraph 14: Use Restrictions (our Covenants)
As you will see, the proposed Paragraph 14 amendments are mostly unchanged from our existing covenants. There is a new leasing provision that should bring Plantation Place more in line with other similarly situated communities. For example, the new leasing section caps rentals, provides a Hardship stipulation and it prohibits short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Also, existing landlords may be grandfathered in as required by the Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act.
The team comprised of our dedicated neighbors worked tirelessly to research while listening to your feedback to find the right mix of guidelines for our neighborhood in these Paragraph 14 items. Thank you for your feedback!
Paragraph 15: Association Liability
This addition brings separation of liability due to persons, utilities, elements unless due to negligence of the Association.
Paragraph 10: Transfer Fee
This section adds a transfer fee when a home is sold to a new owner. There is no impact to us as existing homeowners. But this fee will help the HOA maintain cash reserves for maintenance and improvements to our common areas.
The Board considers these three separate amendments to be important for Plantation Place and urges you to approve them. The three items are mutually exclusive, and each will stand on its own for your approval. But again, the Board recommends you approve all three.
Amendments to the Declaration require the approval of at least 66-2/3 of the eligible Permanent A and B level Members of the Association. The Board has determined that the most efficient process for voting is by written consent. Therefore, you are asked to please vote on the three separate amendments by completing the enclosed written consent form and returning it per the instructions in order for your vote to be validated and counted.
The above is only a brief summary, so the actual proposed amendments (Paragraph 10, 14 and 15) are linked below for your review.
The link to the Consent Form is linked below also.  Please follow instruction on the Consent Form.
Please return your vote no later than October 5, 2021. The Board reserves the right to extend this deadline as may be necessary to obtain consents.
If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Board.
Sincerely, Your Board of Directors
Clint Brady – President
Ryan Hicks – Vice President
Patrick Barnett – Secretary
Anna New – Treasurer
Leslie Caylor – Member at Large